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Create your dream nail length in a matter of minutes with Mylee’s Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips! A real game-changer in at-home extensions, these soft gel tips are moulded from a fine, yet impenetrably strong formula. Lightweight and flexible, these are designed to fit all nails seamlessly, curving around the natural shape of your nail with comfortable ease. Fix ‘N’ Flash Tips are also break resistant so there’s no risk of snapping a nail and ruining your mani.With three pre-buffed short shapes to choose from you don’t have to worry about filing or faffing around either. With 216 tips included, you get 72 tips of each shape. Simply add the Fix ‘N’ Flash Gel to a prepped nail, pop on your extension and cure under a UV or LED lamp. Extra length acts as the perfect base for any Mylee gel polish and is the ideal canvas for nail art. When the time comes to try out a different style, simply buff the tips and soak them off without damaging your nails.DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION:1. Push back your cuticles, file, buff and cleanse your nails.2. Apply a small amount of Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash Gel both on the nail and tip contact area.3. Place the Tip on the nail firmly, making sure there are no bubbles, or gel on the skin.4. While pressing, flash cure for 15 seconds under the Mylee PRO LED Convex Curing Lamp. Repeat for all nails. Flash cure for 30 seconds in the Mylee UV Lamp. 5. Cure all nails with Mylee PRO LED Convex Curing Lamp for 60 seconds and UV Lamp for 120 seconds. 6. Follow by buffing and cleansing the nail and applying your favourite MyGel colour and Top Coat.DIRECTIONS FOR REMOVAL:1. Use The Shortie Nail Extension Clipper to cut down the length of your Fix ‘N’ Flash extensions.2. Take a Mylee Half Moon Nail File and use the 100 grit side to buff the polish that’s on your nail.3. Take a nail wipe and soak it in Gel Remover or 100% Acetone and secure it onto your nail with a Soak Off Clip or foil wrap.4. Wait for 10-15 minutes and remove the wrap or clip. Then, using a gel scraper or wooden cuticle stick, gently push away the polish and jelly like tip from your nail bed.5. If there’s any product remaining on the nail, re-buff and re-wrap the nail.6. Once all the product is removed, wash your hands thoroughly.Keep nail polish away from eyes as it may cause serious eye irritation. May cause skin irritation or allergic skin reaction. Keep away from children. MyGel is 100% safe and compliant with all UK and EU safety regulations.Caution: Keep away from eyes, may cause serious eye irritation. May cause skin irritation or allergic skin reaction. Keep away from children. Product Code: MYL-SGT-KIT