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Includes: 1 x Sponge Applicator, 1 x Glitter in Devoted, 1 x Glitter in Witty, 1 x Glitter in Charming, 1 x Glitter in Focused, 1 x Glitter in Thoughtful and 1 x Glitter in Adventurous. Meet All That Glitters, Mylee’s latest range of loose glitters which are perfect to add some sparkle to your manicure. Use on top of Mylee MyGel polish or encapsulate with 5-In-1 Builder Gel or Polygel. Apply and wear with confidence knowing that All That Glitters is 100% safe and compliant with all UK and EU safety regulations.How to apply: 1. Prep nails and apply your chosen MyGel polish as usual.2. Apply glitter using one of the following techniques:Using the Mylee Sponge Applicator pick up your glitter by dipping the sponge into the glitter and pat it onto the nail. It will adhere to the tacky layer of polish.Use a dotting tool to pick up individual confetti pieces of glitter and apply to the tacky layer of polish in your desired position.Using the Mylee Glitter Catcher place your finger over the catcher and use the scoop to pour glitter over the nail. Press in to adhere to the tacky layer of polish. You can then use the glitter catcher to catch any excess glitter and scoop it back into its container.Use nail art brushes to pick up the glitter and place onto the nail in the desired position.Mix loose glitter in with MyGel Base Coat and brush onto the nail like a polish.Dip your nail into the pot of glitter and press in to adhere to the tacky layer of polish.3. Use the Mylee Duster brush to dust over the nails and remove any excess glitter from the fingers.4. Apply MyGel Top Coat and cure (30 secs with Mylee Pro Lamp.) Or to encapsulate thicker glitters apply MyGel Clear Builder Gel and cure (60 secs with Mylee Pro Lamp.)5. Remove tacky layer with Prep & Wipe on a Lint-Free Wipe. 6. Apply cuticle oil on cuticles and enjoy your sparkly manicure!Please note: Due to quality variances between different monitors, the colour that appears on your screen may differ from the physical product.Caution: If product comes in contact with eyes, wash with cold clean water. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Retain packaging for future reference. – Black Friday Deals – Black Friday Offers – Black Friday Sale